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GESPODO proudly collaborates with Formlabs, the world's largest supplier of professional SLA and SLS 3D printers, to innovate and transform the orthotics and prosthetics industry. Our partnership specifically engages with Formlabs' dedicated department for healthcare solutions, allowing us to leverage their extensive expertise in medical research and related fields. Through continuous commitment to innovation and excellence, Formlabs has set a precedent in offering powerful, affordable, and user-friendly technology, aspects that resonate with GESPODO's vision for accessibility and quality in healthcare. 

From footwear design to medical research, Formlabs' reach across industries reinforces our shared dedication to enabling customization and fostering growth. Together, we're not just creating state-of-the-art orthotic solutions; we're part of a larger movement to shape the future of healthcare technology, grounded in collaboration, communication, and the aspiration to make anything possible

Formlabs & Gespodo bring SLS printing to the Point of Care