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On a mission to bridge clinical expertise & 3D innovation

Gespodo is a Belgian company founded in 2016 initially dedicated to crafting custom insoles through a process that integrates digital, 3D, and CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technologies for foot imprinting, design, and manufacturing.

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Offering central fabrication services to Podiatry and O&P practitioners. 

Operating first as a central fab, Gespodo initially specialized in podiatry, orthopedic, functional, postural, and even post-operative (rehabilitation) insoles. Our experience in CNC and multi-shore EVA material, the digitization of our ordering and production process helped us to scale our central fabrication to support multiples requirements from different markets and different countries.  In a few years we have have been able to offer our 3D design and fabrication services across 6 countries; empowering labs and practitioners with full custom 3D orthotics tailored to individual treatment plans and therapeutic concepts.

Unlocking agility and scale thru the development of our own 3D technology stack . 

Initially relying on third-party commercial design and fabrication solutions, we quickly found limitations in scalability to cater to our diverse markets. The existing market mainly offered CADCAM solutions for engineering or basic parametric software, lacking the flexibility and adaptability we sought. 

Since 2018, we've heavily invested in R&D to create our open-core software solutions and 3D Workflow, including:


The first and still the only 3D scanning app accessible on any smartphone (Android & iOS).

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A practitioner-centric 3D Design software for Foot & lower  extremity orthoses, tailored for CNC or Additive manufacturing.

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Gespodo Pro

A cloud-based platform for seamless customer work-orders collection and production flow management

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Our Charter

While our central fabrication (CFAB) operation chiefly caters to over 250 podiatrists and O&P practitioners across France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, and Luxembourg, Gespodo further broadens its reach by offering services and products to hospitals, O&P clinics, physiotherapists, and medical device retailers, emphasizing both curative and preventive strategies

Whether it's preventing complications related to diabetes, addressing musculoskeletal disorders, back pain, hip, knee, ankle, or foot issues, or supporting extra-ordinary individuals ranging from sports professionals to workers, growing children, or the elderly, the quality custom orthoses and foot orthotics designed and fabricated by Gespodo and our partners offer tangible solutions to these challenges. 

Having treated more than 100,000 patients, Gespodo offers a unique multidisciplinary experience, serious scientific foundation and proven technology solutions to the field of podiatry and O&P.

Recognizing the global potential of our cutting-edge solutions, we opened our technology to labs and CFABs worldwide, facilitating a smooth transition to digital workflow. With immediate success, we secured our first customers in the USA, China, Mexico, and Latin America, and are tirelessly working to extend the reach of our network even further.

Inspired by our software's potential, numerous customers expressed interest in utilizing similar technologies for braces and orthoses. In late 2022, we united a team of forward-thinking O&P Lab owners from Europe and the US and embarked on a 6-month co-development program to launch the next generation of lower extremity orthoses design and additive manufacturing. Our ambition now extends to include lower extremity prosthetics (BK/AK), with plans to offer a comprehensive 3D toolbox to our O&P customers in the near future.

All the knowledge and expertise gained in our early years as a multinational CFAB form the cornerstone of what we offer to partners and customers globally. Through our proficiency in Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) and our open platform for 3D manufacturing and material development, we fuse the collective strength and wisdom of a partner network. Embracing values of openness and interoperability, Gespodo stands distinct from competitors who offer closed, proprietary systems.

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Because innovation never stops… 

We envision ourselves as the orchestrators of an OPEN3D ecosystem, uniting technology and distribution partners under shared values of openness, genuity, collaboration, and open innovation. Together, we're not just transforming our industry; we're embracing a future where we can serve many more patients with high quality care.