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3D Design software & services for FO & AFO  

Offering a practitioner-centric 3D design software (CAD-CAM), Gespodo aims to empower both clinicians and lab operations to accelerate their digital transition and unlock huge productivity gains.

Design for Foot Orthotics

FO design EVA Milling (1).jpg

CNC Milled Foot Orthotics

FO design for FDM.jpg

Design for FDM printed Insoles

FO design for MJF TPU printing.jpg

Design for SLS/MJF Soft material printing

FO design for MJF PA12 colour  printing.jpg

Design for SLS/MJF Hard shell FO

FO design for Carbon3D.jpg

Design for soft materials printing

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Design for SMO AFO

AFO for Blank Carving.png

Design for blank carving

AFO for FDM prototyping .png

Design for FDM prototyping

DfAM for SMO  (1).png

Design for MJF/SLS printed SMO 

Design for Solid AFO.png

Design for MJF/SLS printed Solid AFO

Design for Articulated AFO MJF printing.png

Design for Articulated AFO

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