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We are constantly looking for amazing talents. As we expect a strong growth over next few years, feel free to apply if interest to join our project. If it is not now, it may well be for tomorrow.

Open Job positions: 

  • CTO - Chief technology officer
  • Business Developper USA
  • Product Development Manager
  • Social Marketeers (B2B)
  • 3D Designers (AFO)

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David Baudrez

Cofounder & CEO  
Belgium/Global: FR / ENG


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Nicolas Bechu

Podiatrist - 3D Designer 
EU Lab Manager  
Belgium : FR / ENG /NL


Nicolas Bechu

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Laure Bouillon

Operation Director 
Finance & HR 
Belgim : FR / ENG/NL


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Drew Meyer

CPO - 3D Designer (DfAM)
Business Development
Technical Sales - USA (EN)


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Chris Du Toit

CPO - 3D Designer (DfAM)
Business Development
Technical Sales- EMEA


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Behind the scene...

Gespodo is built relying on a fantastic team of diverse talents. 

From the Lab operation team with Jeremy, Pablo, Yoann, Nempa and Pierre to our Dev team with Valentin, Erjon, Fitim, Erzen and Mykola; we are working with an incredible team of multicultural talents supporting us on the day to day; but also on building the future of our industry. 


Our Aspirations

  • Global: We aim for a worldwide presence and influence, transcending borders and cultures.
  • Groundbreaking: We pioneering new and revolutionary ideas or products.
  • Go Innovate: We constantly introduce novel concepts, products, or processes.
  • Growth: We commit to the continuous expansion and development of our customers and our company's reach and impact.

Our Contributions to the Community

  • Guidance: We providing directions and mentorship to employees, partners and clients.
  • Goodwill: We nurture a positive reputation and orchestrate relationship within the community.
  • Global Citizenship: We take responsibility for societal and environmental well-being on a global scale.

Our State of mind

  • We embody authenticity, honesty, and transparency in all interactions and endeavors
  •  We emphasize a giving mindset, whether through free contribution, support, or resources.
  • We don't stop at the expected but we aim to the Exceptional - always!
  •  We cultivate an attitude of feedback & appreciation, both internally and towards customers.

Staying connected to practicality and reality even while pursuing ambitious goals.

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