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Boost your Lower Extremity Orthoses practice with our advanced 3D design software and services



3D printed UCBL (University of California Biomechanics Laboratory) and SMO (Supramalleolar Orthosis) are pushing orthotic advancements to new heights. 

Leveraging precise digital manufacturing, these devices ensure a tailor-made fit and enhanced biomechanical support. Furthermore, 3D printing allows for rapid customization and iterative design, ensuring patients receive the most effective and comfortable orthotic solutions.

Design for Solid AFO.png

Solid AFO 

3D printed Solid AFOs (Ankle-Foot Orthoses) are revolutionizing lower limb orthotic care. By utilizing digital precision, they guarantee a customized, snug fit for patients. 

The semi-automated design and rapid production and adaptability of 3D printing ensures efficient delivery of high-quality, durable braces, optimizing mobility and support. To be printed in PA11 (or PA12 for color) or PP on MJF technology and complemented with soft liner printed in TPU and vapor smoothed with AMT solution.

Articulated AFO_0.jpg

Articulated AFO and Braces

3D printed Articulated AFOs (Ankle-Foot Orthoses) bring innovation to dynamic support. Using digital modeling, they provide tailored fit and enhanced joint flexibility for patients. 

This innovative approach to produce braces ensures swift production and cost control of high-quality braces, combination of multiple materials and  balancing both mobility and stability for optimal gait assistance.

Mixed workflow AFO.png

Mixed 3D workflows 

With FootCAD3D you are also able to produce different parts of your orthose with different production technology or even material.

Imagine exporting a rectified blank to carve on your 7axes robot to laminate/prepreg Carbon hard shell SMO, then from the same design session, generate a SMO soft shell to be printed in on MJF TPU and vapor smooth. 

This is the power of 3D!